Center Pieces

We have all the items you need to make center pieces for the tables at your wedding! Our design team can help you craft ideas for your special day. Can't make one? You can special order center pieces and our design team will create your dream design!


Like our center pieces, we have a wide variety of floral bushes and floral accents to make the most special bouquet for one of your most special days. With gem stones being all the hype for bouquets, we stock beautiful and affordable gem stones for your unique bouquet!


The special people in your life can find hand made corsages here. Each uniquely made, corsages can be bought pre-made or special ordered. And like everything else, we sell all the material to make your own!

Venue Decorations

Everything you need to decorate your special day can be found at Floro Distributing. We have table runners, pew clips, chair covers and bows, arches, and so much more! Drop by and see how Floro Distributing can make your wedding even more memorable!

Miniature Flower

Bouquet Flowers

Our large collection of miniature flowers for your bouquet will make your bouquet unique! Prices starting at just .39¢ for each bush!

Boutonniere Flowers

As with our bouquet flowers, we have a wide variety of miniature flowers for boutonnieres as well. Prices starting at just .39¢ for each bush!

Rhinestone Accessories

All the rhinestone accessories you need to make the most elegant wedding arrangements are here!

What We've Done

With our years of experience, we have a large catalog of arrangements we have provided to our loyal customers. Take a look below at just some of the things our wonderful design team have created over the years.


Simple Bouquets

Simple bouquets starting at $29.95!

Custom Made Bouquets

This beautiful custom bouquet is just $69.95 and boutonniere is just $14.95!

Bridal Bouquet

This rhinestoned bouquet was custom made for only $59.95!

Bridal Arrangements

Main Centerpiece

This dove themed center piece was specially ordered for just $79.95!

Gorgeous Attention Attracters

This main attraction centerpiece will leave everyone in awe for just $119.95!